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Selected Works by Kris Fiore Hanahan for Sale in Carmel, Fishers, Zionsville

The work of Indianapolis-based artist Kris Fiore Hanahan ADRI, was selected for Fusion Art’s fourth annual Women Artists Online Art Exhibition. The work was inspired and commissioned by bestselling author Adriana Trigiani.

ADRI was a study where a vision came from,” Hanahan said. “I have followed Adriana Trigiani’s career for over 30 years. I’ve seen her grow and flourish – as a woman, as a designer, as an Italian American, as a Catholic, and as a graduate of Saint Mary’s College. She has always remained true to her roots. In this case, ADRI includes her favorite colors and the fleur-de-lis, an important symbol in Italy. It also represents his interest in the Holy Trinity, the lines of the interior furnishings and the transparency of the stained glass windows. The rectangles symbolize the books that are his passion and his gift to so many people. More than anything, she loves it, and that’s what matters most to me.

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Kris says being selected for the Palm Springs exhibit is an integral part of her work as an artist. “Being inspired by Adriana and commissioning a piece from her is a thrill and an honor in itself, and then having her piece selected means so much. Add to that the ability to transcend borders and compete with artists from 26 other countries, c is a privilege.

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About the exhibition

The annual International Women Artists Online Art Exhibition is the 19th quarterly art exhibition for Fusion Art. For this open competition, the gallery invited 2D and 3D submissions from female artists only. The juried exhibition included several experts who made the winning selections based on a rigorous set of criteria.

Works by various women artists representing 26 countries are presented. Visitors will see works from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, China, Croatia, Malaysia, Romania, Ireland, Latvia, Italy, Sweden, South Africa, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Taiwan, Russia, Japan, Ghana, Argentina and United Arab Emirates among others. The exhibition runs until February 14 and can be seen at this link.

About Kris Fiore

Kris Fiore Hanahan is a contemporary abstract artist based in Indianapolis. His passion for vibrant colors, science, and physical and emotional well-being merges into striking works of eclectic, expressionist abstract art. She is originally from South Bend, Ind., and graduated from St. Mary’s College.

His work has been described as vibrant, courageous, thoughtful, timeless, sophisticated and energetic on glass.

She mainly works with canvas, acrylic and brushes. She also creates with glass and paper.

His works have been purchased and are exhibited in New York, Houston, St. Louis, Nashville, Phoenix, Denver, Indianapolis and throughout Indiana.

An opening (in-person and virtual) featuring his artwork is scheduled for downtown Indianapolis from 3-5 p.m. Tuesday, January 25 at the Frost Brown Todd Law Offices.

Kris Fiore’s work is available for purchase at the following locations:

  • A private screening at the Old Oakland Golf Club
  • Convivio Artisan Italian Cuisine in Carmel
  • Convivio Artisan Italian Cuisine in Zionsville
  • Cortona in Fortville, Ind.
  • Just Breathe Pilates at Fishermen

She also accepts consultation appointments in design and art. She brings art to professional spaces, including businesses, medical and legal practices, and private homes/collections. She can bring completed works for selection or is available for commissioned work.

“When I create it, I include customers step by step in the process,” she said. “I love the interaction and feedback to make sure I capture their thoughts and translate them correctly into a work of art.”

She occasionally holds private exhibitions in her home studio and will meet clients at locations where her art is exhibited. She is also available to show her work at the Old Oakland Golf Club.

To learn more about Kris Fiore Design, visit, email [email protected], call or text (317) 804-1678, or search @krisfioredesign on Facebook and Instagram. To join the Kris Fiore mailing list to receive updates, submit an email request or sign up on the website. She also organizes appointments in person or via the web.


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