Architect Lucien Kroll dies at 95 – and older Art News –


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LEGAL AFFAIRS. Man accused of stealing three renowned works of art from Greece national gallery has now been released from prison and is wearing an electronic monitoring device as he waiting for a possible trialthe national herald reports. The suspect was stopped last year and would have said that he had taken works by picasso, mondrianand Caccia in 2012 because of his “passion for art”. (One piece of evidence: he had the Twitter account ArtFreak, according to police.) Authorities are still investigating and deciding whether or not to proceed with a trial. In other crime news, Three men in London pleaded not guilty of trying to sell a 15th-century Ming dynasty seven-figure vase stolen from the Far Eastern Art Museum in Geneva, Law360 reports, and six teenagers are said to have broken a stolen car in an art space in Melbourne, Australia, damaging works of art, the Age reports.

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FREE-THINKING BELGIAN ARCHITECT LUCIEN KROLL is dead, Dezeen reports. He was 95 years old. Kroll and his wife, Simone Krollstarted Kroll workshop in 1958, and made a name for themselves by focusing on working closely with the people who would actually use their designs. For an extension of the campus of University of Leuven in Belgium, for example, they received student input and built buildings with moveable walls. In 2021, the couple received the Brussels Architecture PrizeLifetime Achievement Award. A statement accompanying this honor readsin part: “Systematically drawn to complex situations, conflicts to resolve and causes to defend, Simone and Lucien Kroll have never chosen the easy way.

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A prominent Orlando-area foundation has said it will no longer lend its collection of 18th- and 19th-century American paintings to the Orlando Museum of Artwhich was recently raided by the FBI in the context of a disputed investigation Jean-Michel Basquiat paintings he exhibited. Some OMA patrons are also said to transfer their support to the nearby town Rollins Museum of Art. [The New York Times]

President Biden appointed 11 to Council of National Museum and Library Servicesincluding Cameron Kitchinthe director of the Cincinnati Museum of Artand Monica Ramirez-Montagutthe director of the Parrish Art Museum at Watermill, New York. [Press Release/White House]

Kamoya Kimeu, a revered octogenarian fossil hunter from Kenya whose discoveries helped expand researchers’ understanding of ancient human history, has died. Perhaps Kimeu’s most significant find was an almost completely intact 1.6 million-year-old juvenile Homo erectus. [The New York Times]

The United States National Park Service provides $2 million in grants to 20 museums and nine tribes to support efforts to return human remains and artifacts to Indigenous peoples. [The Art Newspaper]

Journalist Hilarie M. Leaves reviewed ongoing debates on artist management Donald JuddThe Sites of and His Legacy in Marfa, Texas. Speaking of Chinati Foundationartist Christophe Lainea former director said, “The board turned its back on deep institutional knowledge and instead insisted that Chinati be governed by a business model simply because it was their experience.” [The New York Times]

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HEAVY IS THE HEAD WEARING THE CRYPTO CROWN. In June, Christie’s NFT Rainmaker Noah Davis announced that he was joining Yuga Laboratoriesthe creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club and the house of CryptoPunks. In a meeting with the Observerhe remembers watching Beepleit is Every day NFT, which he helped put up for sale at Christie’s, go for $69.3 million. “I was totally shocked and kind of terrified,” Davis said. “I knew my career had just taken a very sharp turn. Immediately, the pressure mounted. There’s an old adage in the auction world: “You’re only worth the last sale.” » ” [The Creators/Observer]


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