Alexandra Farber dances with the art exhibition


After a successful performance in March at the Modern Art Museum, Alexandra Farber, who performs the principal roles with the Texas Ballet Theatre, returns to the famous gallery on August 20 and 21.

The Fort Worth-based multi-hyphenation artist will perform a new slate of choreographed dances inspired by the museum’s newest exhibit, Women Painting Women. The performance includes three choreographies, including excerpts from “The Way We Change”, Inside Voices, and the premiere of his new piece, “Three Portraits”. Her final performance will feature three dancers, each inspired by one of the paintings in the exhibition (Red Flare by Marilyn Minter, Labor of Thought by Alex Heilbron and Black Darkness by Lorna Simpson). Additionally, performances will feature music from a roster of all-female artists, including Roniit, Feist and Regina Spektor.

“It was a perfect relationship, of course, myself being a female choreographer and their exhibit being all female creators displaying female narratives,” says Farber. “Especially now, it’s so important to continue to explore the woman’s narrative as women face exploitation and misogyny like never before, hiding behind the idea that ‘we’ve come such a long way. “.”

Farber hopes to inspire other dancers and choreographers to fight for and actively participate in a change that provides more equality and equity for women. With the majority of his work being abstract – or at least abstract narratives – the stories can unfold in the mind of the viewer. based on their own life experiences. She wants her audience to interpret her work in the way that is most meaningful to them.

“I hope the exposure to art with Jewish and feminine themes will bring commonality to a viewer who might not have experienced these journeys in a way that makes them feel like they’ve been seen.

or unites,” says Farber.


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