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Pride March in downtown Pittsburgh

To commemorate 50 years of queer media in Pennsylvania, the Center for Media Innovation at the University of Point Park will host an event on Monday, October 11, which coincides with National Coming Out Day.

“50 Years of Coming Out, a celebration of queer media in Pennsylvania” will feature an exhibition in Pittsburgh’s queer media gallery over the past five decades and a panel discussion with LGBTQ journalists, bloggers and communicators representing publications across the Commonwealth.

Center for Media Innovation director Andrew Conte says he hopes the exhibit and panel will help set the stage for a meaningful and thoughtful conversation about the progress made in half a century and how great the company is. become more aware of and supportive of queer issues.

People can attend either in person at the center’s location or virtually on the Center for Media Innovation Facebook page.

To help with the cost of the event, CMI recommends that attendees donate $ 15 for in-person tours and $ 5 for people watching online. The event will also include an exhibit detailing the area’s queer history and the many publications that have served Pittsburgh’s LGBTQ community over the years.

The Gay History Exhibit will begin at 5 pm and feature queer news from Pittsburgh from 1973. This includes Pittsburgh news from Gay News, Gay Life Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Outside, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Pride Guides and Equal magazine. Former editor of Outside Pittsburgh, Tony Molnar-Strejcek, donated a large amount to the exhibit.

QBurgh co-creator Jeff Freedman describes the exhibit as a well-documented story for the LGBTQ community in Pennsylvania.

“It was our connection to the community,” Freedman said in a statement about LGBTQ publications. “We lived in a very heterogeneous world. These came out once a month and were like heaven for us. It was a point in time where we were able to connect with our community and see people and read about people. like us. Then you put it away and went back to the world. ”

The panel, Future for Queer Media, will begin at 7 p.m. and feature LGBTQ journalists, bloggers and panelists representing publications from across the state to discuss the current state of queer media in Pennsylvania and expectations for the ‘to come up.

Panelists for the discussion include:

  • Billy Hileman, Founder and Publisher of Planet Q
  • Stephen Jiwanmall, Communications Manager at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center
  • Sue Kerr, Founder and Editor of Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents
  • Michael Mahler, founder and publisher of Erie Gay News
  • Tony Molnar-Strejcek, former editor of Outside Pittsburgh
  • Maria Montaño, Communications Specialist at SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania
  • Frank Pizzoli, editor and publisher of Central voice and journalist at the Pennsylvania Capital-Star
  • Mark Segal, founder and editor of the Philadelphia Gay News
  • Jim Sheppard, co-creator of QBurgh

50 Years of Coming Out, a celebration of queer media in Pennsylvania. 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Mon. October 11. Point Park University Media Innovation Center, 305 Wood Street, downtown. $ 5 suggestion for virtual viewing, $ 15 suggestion for in-person participants. Facebook search “50 years of coming out”

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