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There are many reasons for taking out a payday loan, such as making a trip or organizing a party. The lender does not ask any questions about what you take out the loan for. To obtain an insight in advance for yourself into the amount of the payday loan with the accompanying monthly charges, you can simulate your payday loan.

Payday loan

Personal loan

You can take out a payday loan for various purposes, for example, it often happens that a payday loan is taken out to support students studying or to purchase furniture, electronics or other equipment. It is therefore not important for the lender for which you take out the loan. You can determine the amount of the payday loan and the term. The duration can vary from 24 to 48 or even 120 months. Once you have taken out the loan, you will immediately have the full loan amount in one go. The bank charges are expressed in an annual charge percentage (APR) and calculated in advance over the total term. This percentage then comes on top of the loan amount. The repayment of the payday loan takes place through proportional monthly charges. Finally, the payday loan has no forms of collateral, such as a mortgage, this influences the level of the interest rate.

Simulating the payday loan

Simulating the personal loan

When simulating the payday loan, you enter your own wishes, for example about the amount of the loan and the term. It is important that you enter this information in a well-considered manner, so that you can also meet the payment obligation later. The simulation gives you an overview of a number of things that are important before you take out the payday loan. This way you will see an overview of the monthly repayments and interest charges.

In person

In person

The conclusion of a payday loan is fully adapted to your personal situation. This way you and the lender know that you can meet the monthly obligation payment. The simulation of the payday loan only provides you with a first insight into the possibilities that you have. After the simulation you can request further information from the lender. They can guide you in the right way so that you are not confronted with surprises afterwards. The application for a payday loan is in most cases assessed by the provider on the basis of his or her own disposable income.