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First of all, we should say what the word SALOS means at all, and then we go to the register of debtors.

This interest group strives to keep increasing the number of borrowers who will not be able to repay their loans. Thanks to the fact that the whole system is interconnected, it is very easy to determine who is paying and who is not. It seeks to protect providers of financial, banking and non-banking services, as well as consumers.


Positive register


You may not even know about it, but there is also a positive register of debtors. This register collects and processes debtor data. It primarily records positive information that the client duly fulfills. This makes it easier to assess whether the applicant can bear the additional financial burden.


Register Of Natural Persons

Register Of Natural Persons

Only negative records of debtors who refuse or cannot fulfill their financial obligations are collected here.


In addition, the following registers exist:

In addition, the following registers exist:

  • Register of entrepreneurs and legal entities
  • Third Party Registry

Auxiliary registers

  • register of invalid documents
  • Companies can find out whether the client is presenting an invalid or stolen document

Insolvency register

  • In this database you can find many additional information about clients. For example, verification of its existence and much more.


List of debtors register

SMS listing

Thanks to the SMS statement, you will immediately get an extract from the register of debtors of natural persons. Find out what companies you owe and how much you have to pay.

After you get the mentioned code, you can request an SMS statement. It is necessary to send an SMS to the required form SALOS .

  • The price is 30, – CZK
  • Sending a SIN O du-mail costs 80, – CZK

Can’t send me a message, why?

If you are unable to send an SMS, you may not have activated the premium sms service with your operator.