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Finns travel a lot. Good finance conducted a survey with the help of the Yougov research service, which shows that over 60 percent of Finns make at least one international trip a year.

How much do Finns travel?

How much do Finns travel?

However, according to the survey, 37% of Finns did not make any trips abroad during the past year. Most of the travelers had made 1-3 trips during the year.

A quarter of Finns (24%) made an international trip in the last year. Another quarter (26%) made two or three trips abroad. Only 9% made four or five trips abroad. Only two percent of the population made six or seven trips, and another two percent traveled abroad more than seven times.

If your budget goes down, we’ve put together a table of cheap destinations. Where to Find a Cheap Destination in Europe? There are many potentially costly factors involved, and the cost of the trip also depends on where you eat and what you plan to do during the trip. Generally speaking, the cheapest destinations in Europe are located in Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Portugal.

Only the choice of travel destination is not the only factor to get the most out of your vacation. Discover all the ways you can not only travel to a cheap destination, but make the destination of your choice even more affordable!

The European Consumer Center recommends that flights are always booked using a credit card, as this will protect the consumer’s rights in the event of airline bankruptcy.

TOP 25 Cheap Destinations in Europe in 2019

TOP 25 Cheap Destinations in Europe in 2019

    1. Bucharest, Romania
    2. Kiev, Ukraine
    3. Sofia, Bulgaria
    4. Belgrade, Serbia
    5. Krakow, Poland
    6. Istanbul, Turkey
    7. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    8. Budapest, Hungary
    9. Warsaw, Poland
    10. Riga, Latvia
    11. Vilnius, Lithuania
    12. Bratislava, Slovakia
    13. Zagreb, Croatia
    14. Cesky Krumlov, Czech republic
    15. St. Petersburg, Russia
    16. Split, Croatia
    17. Prague, Czech Republic
    18. Santorini, Greece
    19. Tallinn, Estonia
    20. Moscow, Russia
    21. Tenerife, Spain
    22. Ljubljana, Slovenia
    23. Lisbon, Portugal
    24. Valletta, Malta
    25. Naples, Italy

Five ways to save on travel expenses

Five ways to save on travel expenses

With summer holidays approaching and travel destinations, many dream of traveling home or abroad, but where do you get the money for travel? Foresight is all A and O, but we’ll give you some other tips on how to save money for your trip.


Saving for a trip is easy when you have enough time. For example, if you need a thousand euros for your holiday, collecting it over the course of a year will mean about 83 euros a month. If you need to scrape a tonne in three months, that already means a monthly savings of about € 333, which may not be as easy to implement.


When saving for a trip, it’s a good idea to keep your savings money separate from your working capital. An easy way to save is to have a savings account or fixed-term deposit where you can conveniently transfer money out of your current account. Savings accounts have a higher interest rate than current accounts, which means more money over time.

Save everyday

Save everyday

We have already written about saving everyday, where you can find some great tips for saving everyday. Doing small things like bringing home lunch once or twice a week brings significant savings in the long run.

However, there is one important thing that can easily be overlooked by the traveler: travel insurance. Travel insurance generates savings if you become ill abroad and need special arrangements, for example, to return to Finland. It also covers the necessary care abroad. Travel insurance is therefore a very profitable investment, especially if you travel outside Finland or Europe.

Earn points with your credit card and get free travel insurance

Earn points with your <a href=credit card and get free travel insurance” />

Medical expenses should not be a part of anyone’s job. Fortunately, the European Health Insurance Card provides the same treatment as the locals. Did you know, however, that you can get free travel insurance with your credit card? When suffering from a disease, it is certainly a more pleasant option to go to a private hospital than to test the functionality of a foreign country public health care in an unknown language.

Many credit cards also accrue points to help you get cheaper flights. For example, if you pay all your domestic costs with a credit card for a year, you can accumulate so many points that you can get round-trip flights within Europe. Similarly, you can upgrade your travel class or get stuff at the airport.

How to save on activities

Almost every city has a free city tour. If you are a hobbyist or know the language of the country, you can find all kinds of hobbies. In addition, many venues have various free museums, city tours, and art exhibitions. In Lisbon, for example, many museums are free on the first Sunday of every month. It’s also worth checking out if there are free bicycles available in the city that you can use to get around.

Sightseeing in the city can be a very inexpensive and interesting activity. There are also apps like Meetup or Couchsurfing, where you can ask yourself, for example, a local to show you the sights.

Save on travel

An inexpensive alternative to an airplane can be a bus or train scheduled for the right time and place. For example, buses make trips from the Port of Tallinn to Warsaw, Riga, Vilnius and Bialystok. Often trains find an affordable alternative. In time they can’t compete for flights, but at a price.

You may want to book your flights outside of the high season, the prices will vary depending on the demand for airline tickets. In addition to comparison sites, you might want to look at the airlines’ price schedules. One cannot really say that there would be a universal rule on which day flights are at their lowest. Whenever such a day is defined, most people take flights for the day when the demand is highest, leading to higher prices.

Extreme traveler with time can hike across Europe. However, travel insurance often does not cover damage caused by extreme activities.

Remember that a credit card can be useful abroad, for example when renting a car, many renters do not accept rent without a credit card. A car can be an inexpensive and convenient way to travel to smaller places or take an exciting self-drive trip.

Affordable accommodation

In many European cities, Airbnb has established itself as the best accommodation option.

Couchsurfing also offers free accommodation with locals, but some care must be taken when staying with an unknown person. You can also get hostels at a great price when you book well in advance. Frequently, tourists set a daily budget limit for the accommodation, for example 15EUR / night / person. Comparison sites are not only for hotels, but also for financial products.

Combine financial products and save money

Combine financial products and save money

If you have multiple loans or other financial products, combining them can also generate significant savings. This can save you more money for your vacation.
Make a comparison and see if you can save money by combining the loans, or take a reasonable interest rate loan for your vacation.